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Software packages

Merbon IDE

Merbon IDE

New development environment for regulation and control of technological processes for programmable controllers mark. Programming can be done in FBD (function block diagram) or in ST (structured text). Program consists of IDE – integrated development environment, WinRT – runtime for SW testing and HMI editor – tool for creating LCD menu definition and web pages.

Release notes and Merbon IDE installer download here.

More information about Merbon IDE here.

Merbon SCADA

Merbon SCADA

Merbon SCADA is a new process visualization, which enable access to the data such as tables and schemas offering current values, graphs, alarm and event overviews as well as other information. The application consists of a server, and one or more client stations. The server communicates with process level (PLCs), acquiring online data, and with databases, which provide history data (trends). The server then provides all clients with schemas of technologies and floor plans, tables, etc., which display the data. Clients use web browsers, which simplifies maintenance, licensing, and workstation manage- ment.

Installer download here.

More information about Merbon SCADA here.

User manuals:
Merbon SCADA – Implementation guide, simple version
Merbon SCADA – Implementation guide
Merbon SCADA – functions overview
Merbon SCADA – user guide, simple version
Merbon SCADA – user guide
Merbon SCADA – installation notes
Merbon SCADA – services migration to a new hardware

Merbon Visual – iPC

Merbon IDE

The installer includes the Merbon Visual application for industrial iPCs with the Windows operating system for visualizing the user interface. The application is fully compatible with PLCs with both Merbon RT and SoftPLC RT.

Release notes and the installer download here.