Apart from product sales, we use years of know-how of building control systems and building technologies, and offer a range of expert services: from consulatations and trainings to turn-key projects.

Control System Design

The comprehensive building technology concept is prepared for investors who concern of economical operation of the building. The comprehensive building technology concept is prepared for investors who concern of economical operation of the building. Our customers mostly demand coordination of lighting control systems, security and safety, production technologies, energy measuring etc.
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Project Design and Engineering

The documentation consists of several levels: project for building evaluation, which usually is the basis for price offering, shop drawings with wiring schematics of the switchboard and floor plans with peripherial location and descriptions, and the final phase – real status drawings. Our designers are trained regularly, so they possess all the information necessary for correct and optimum building automation design using the latest components.
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Turnkey Projects

Domat Control System has an experienced project development team. We are covering the area of management and work coordination up to design and software development for the delivery of electrical cabinets, installation works, commissioning, and system go-alive.
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Trainings are in Czech and English, free of charge, in terms listed in the events section. Customized trainings for companies on demand.
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Measurement and control service

We provide warranty and post-warranty service of MaR systems, contractual regular pre-season offers, service readiness and reconstruction of older systems.
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Operation of server applications

In cooperation with the building operator, we find and implement cost-saving measures that can reduce energy consumption in buildings by up to tens of percent. We evaluate historical consumption data, measure and store environmental and consumption data, and then design operational cost-saving measures that involve minimal investment costs to maintain a reasonable payback period.
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Operation of technological networks

In this section you can read more about monitoring process stations and measurement and control elements, operating dispatching and servers, and maintaining network resources and hardware.
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