Domat Control System supplies a comprehensive range of control system components: from sensors and valves to management stations software. The system is open and uses standard interfaces at all levels and therefore it is easy both to integrate it into existing installations, and to connect 3rd party products, such as peripherials, I/O modules, and controllers. This brings intensive use of already installed products and investment protection.


Product News

Domat Control System perceives its commitment to provide advanced solutions and up-to-date technology. As a consequence, we always do our best to introduce new products, services and product updates on a frequent basis. Below please find the list of the most important changes in the company portfolio.
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Product Overview Catalogue

Domat Control System provides a comprehensive range of products and system solutions for building, energy control and measuring systems. Standard signals, interfaces, and communication protocols are used at all system levels. Therefore, the system is open for a wide range of integrated solutions. We supply complete range of control system components – from SCADA to peripherials, all supported by a single supplier.
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Manuals and Videotutorials

Připravujeme pro Vás online příručky a návody pro snadnější navigaci a rychlé hledání při řešení problémů.
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Release Notes

Software bugs, tips and other important information.
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Data Sheets

For designers and service technicians, the most important documents are data sheets with detailed technical data, dimensions, terminal layout etc.
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Technical Support

Run against a technical problem? Visit our forumIf the problem still persist, contact us via
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