Plant managers training

Training for house technicians, maintenenance staff, BMS operators – simply for everybody whose everyday job is HVAC and BMS operation. It deals with the most common problems our technicians solve at the construction sites. The attendees will learn about the relations between the control system and the plant, understand some of the hidden functions of the BMS and will be able to diagnose and maintain their plants even better.

The training is held in Czech language. Contact support to organize a session in English.

Start at 9:00, expected wrap-up at 14:00, discussion follows with open end.


- Basics of electrotechnology

- Components
- Motor protection, dimensioning
- Reading plant schematics and electrical wiring diagrams
- Measuring of electrical quantities
- Basics of hydronics
- Valves, pumps, control element in a hydronic circuit
- Basics of process controls
- Peripherials
- On/Off vs. PI controls
- Reading BMS documentation
- Fault diagnostics
– System approach to fault diagnostics
- Most common fault causes
- Systematic fault detection: a permanent task
- Trend data evaluation

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