BMS Designers Training

Training of designers of building control systems with focus not only at Domat components, but also at general rules for sensor installation, selection of I/O modules and controllers, and design of Ethernet-based control systems and components.

The training is held in Czech language.


9:00 Start
Domat product range overview
System topology, three system levels
Design: Sensors and actuators (general + Domat specific)
Design: I/O modules and room units and controllers, UCWEB
Design: Automation level – controllers, PLCs
Reference topologies, examples
Design: SCADA, networking, topologies, functions, web access etc.
3rd party intergration – whys and hows
Licensing policy, calculations, example of an offer
Wrap up about 15:00, discussion follows with open end.

We will be happy to see you in the Domat Control System training center, Třebízského nám. 424, 250 67 Klecany. Please apply at