Energy Management Station for Monitoring of Solar Power Plants

Our company offers sophisticated solutions for controlling and monitoring PV plants since 2009. Currently, system Domat is being used at more than 750 MWp photovoltaic plants all over the Europe. The quality of our monitoring system was awarded by receiving the TÜV SÜD certification in 2012 as the first in the world.

Photovoltaic power plants (sometimes incorrectly regarded as autonomous and maintenance-free) rep- resent comprehensive and large systems with high potential for breakdowns; therefore, it is necessary to detect breakdowns early and remove them in order to maintain the high efficiency of the power plant and eliminate production losses. The monitoring system was designed not only for end consumers but also for investors, servicing organisations and OEM. Due to the fact that the performance of a photovoltaic power plant may vary considerably, SCADA PV uses special algorithms to detect short-term and long-term power variations and simultaneously elimi- nates environmental effects such as cloudy weather,

decrease or loss of solar panel performance due to snow, reductions in efficiency when the outside tem- perature increases, etc., to ensure that the technician is not confused by false alarms. Thanks to the long- term data registration, the user may also monitor and evaluate the estimated decrease in performance dur- ing the lifetime of the equipment and compare these data with the technical specifications guaranteed by the solar panel supplier. The modularity of the system makes the construction of dispatch centres easier, starting with the most simple visualisation of measured values and ending with distributed integrated systems designed for large energy/power grids and their power sources. Special emphasis is placed on high reliability, the fast creation of applications and easy setup which can be done even by less experienced users. Thanks to the innovative solution, the system can detect and report all technical and physical breakdowns occurring in the power plant.


DC current monitoring array box

String box can connect 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 and 32 strings up to 20 A. The electrical current values measured by the Hall probes are transferred to the bus and transmitted to the Domat visualisation or monitoring system.

All independent dipole-fused sections are combined into a single output, protected against overvoltage. As an option, you can add a distribution box with panel temperature sensors, with a solar irradiation intensity sensor and a switch installed at the common DC out- put.

For larger installations, you may group several sec- tions in the distribution box together in an unmonitored panel, and you can measure the electrical current in a joint higher-level distribution cabinet. This option is not as sensitive as measurement of each string, but saves considerable inves t costs.
Main Functions

  • DC measurement
  • DC string grouping
  • temperature and solar irradiation measureme t
  • data communication
  • protection/safety




An assembled box for data acquisition obtained from measurements of direct currents from a set of string boxes, data acquisition from transformer stations, communication with inverters and data acquisition from individual electricity meters. The main element is an industrial minicomputer and multipoint input and output module. As an option, you may add to the installation sensors which will monitor the necessary values and statuses.
Main functions

  • data acquisition obtained from direct current measurements
  • data acquisition from the transformer station
  • communication with inverters
  • data acquisition obtained from electricity meters


An intelligent tool for centralized data acquisition and data archiving, equipped with an output for graphic web server connection. An operation alarm management feature is part of the software equipment. The equipment consists of an industrial PC with Windows operating system, hard drive and the processing visualisation software SCADA PV. The archive database built on SQL prevents unauthorized access to data and reverse editing.
Main functions

  • central data acquisition
  • data archiving
  • secure data
  • alarm management
  • communication with dispatch technician


Solar radiation intensity sensor


DOSi 13TC-TK.. sensors are electronic outdoor sensors of solar radiation intensity and temperature for photovoltaic power plants. The output signal is 0…10V DC or communication interface RS485 with Modbus RTU.

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