Active and reactive power controller

The P and Q controller interface receives signals from a power distribution system and converts them to bus signals for solar inverter control. The basic configuration provides 4 digital inputs for 4 P-stages, and one 0…10 V DC input for Q-control. Four digital outputs communicate to the distributor’s system that a command has been accepted. The I/O configuration depends on the signals provided by the distributor and may be adapted to fit the individual project needs.

The binary and / or analogue signals are acquired by an I/O module and brought to a controller. In the controller, the signals may be processed as necessary, and then they are sent over a bus to the inverter(s). At the same time, the controller provides binary signals to the distributor’s system that the command has been accepted by the solar plant.

The firmware is adapted to a particular distributor’s demands and fit to the communication protocol of the inverters. The exact function depends on the target country and distributor regulations and is configured prior to shipping. Operation parameters may be changed over web access or HMI (LCD display and keys on the front panel of the controller). The controller may be installed in the inverter cabinet or in a separate box, depending on location of the distributor’s interface and inverters.

Main functions

  • communication and data interface between power plant and distributor
  • data communication with distributor systems
  • transfer of distributor instructions to power plant system