Integration and Control Systems for Other Equipment

Thanks to the open nature of Domat systems, the control system can be integrated with other building technologies (fire protection system, security system, air handling units, air conditioning units, boiler and cooling unit electronics, variable speed drives used to control large fans, etc.), as well as with other energy producing equipment (solar inverters, transformers, high-voltage protectors, energy distributor control units, diesel-powered generators, etc.). These devices may be integrated into the system through physical inputs/outputs or via communication lines – thanks to the ever-increasing number of implemented com- munication  protocols.  Often  we  may  use  standard

protocols such as Modbus, BACnet, M-Bus or OPC. Open Domat communication also allows intercon- nection with other competing control systems such as Johnson Controls, Honeywell, Siemens, Saia, etc., and to group them into one operational unit. In many cases this means that in order to implement the Domat control system, you do not have to replace your entire control system. Because we decided to take this path, our customers are able to keep their current invest- ments, maintain healthy and operational sections of their current control system, and take advantage of one of the most universal systems available on the market.