Heat Sources and Chillers in Buildings

As far as energy consumption in buildings of various types is concerned (industrial plants, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, etc.), the focus is on economic and efficient operation of heat sources and chillers.

These factors largely affect a building’s operating costs. Another important requirement is to have a safe and, if possible, fully automated control system which minimizes human operator errors. The control system also oversees engine room emergency statuses and protects against critical situations. The safety features include room flooding and room temperature monitor- ing, the detection of flammable and explosive sub- stances, automated pollution extraction, fire safety, an emergency shutoff system, etc.

The source (primary) technology section must cooperate with the appliance section – air handling units and heating circuits, etc., which provide signals about energy consumption allowing the power source to supply energy according to the required parameters, at the same time minimizing losses occurring in production and the distribution system.

Another aspect is comfort inside buildings. Engine rooms are controlled based on current weather conditions (equithermal control, control based on weather forecasts), and are always able to create a perfect inside temperature and provide comfort for all persons inside the building. Thanks to the extensive experience of our technicians in the field of building technology control systems, it does not matter whether it will be used to control boiler rooms, heat pumps, heat exchanger stations or large cooling units. For these types of technologies we also offer a unified and comprehensive solution including complete delivery of all measuring elements and actuators (sensors, valves, thermostats, relays, etc.), which greatly aids maintenance and follow-up servicing.

Domat system is also suitable for the management and control of engine rooms using different technologies. In buildings this applies most often to engine rooms delivering heat or cold (boiler rooms and heat exchange stations), including bivalent and trivalent technologies, i.e. gas or solid fuel boilers completed with heat pumps or solar technologies. As far as industries are concerned, we have already implemented systems controlling the technologies used for chemical water treatment, the preparation of compressed air, nitrogen, and for mechanical cooling, etc. In addition to years of experience in the design and algorithmic control of these technologies, we also offer cooperation with a technologist or sup- plier of mechanical and electrical parts. The result is a perfectly designed and well-balanced control system respecting all operational conditions while maintaining low energy consumption and the long operating life of the relevant technology.