Room Units and Controllers

The design line of communicative room controllers and units introduces an entirely new dimension to the room control system field. The large LCD display (60 x 60 mm) allows the user to read the actual temperature and equipment status from a distance of up to 5 meters, the rotary controller fitted with a push button makes everyday operation easier, such as temperature corrections and operation mode changes, and also allows control on several levels, including the adjust- ment of the weekly scheduler used with room control- lers.

Universal room units provide an ideal solution for the control of HVAC units, small boiler rooms and other more complex devices. In addition to the basic functions (room temperature monitoring and setting, operation mode changes), these controllers offer other

features such as selection of a suitable heating curve, outside temperature to start heating, domestic hot water temperature adjustment, relative humidity dis- play and setting, and the display of two other values, etc. Functions available to the user are selected during commissioning. For example, by switching between operation modes you can choose the residential mode (day, night, automatic operation, off), or hotel or office mode (comfort, standby, off, or party mode). Operation modes may be set or adjusted over a communica- tion bus by central time schedulers or modes such as cleaning, holiday, etc.

Blinds/Louver System Control

Domat system can integrate blinds control and thermal comfort setting into one room controller. It is no problem to connect the entire unit to a central control system and to have manual control and remote control of window blinds based on, for example, time schedulers, on the actual solar irradiation of the building facade, or on current weather conditions. This includes retracting window blinds in case of strong winds or pulling blinds down if the sunlight is too strong, which eliminates heat gains in air conditioned rooms.

Lighting System Control

Where required, the Domat system offers remote control for lighting devices by turning on or off individual lighting circuits using physical inputs and outputs, as well as integration of the DALI bus, which can directly control individual light sources, light modes and time schedulers, dimming and actual illumination based on outside light conditions.

More information about the room units and controllers here.