Control of Individual Rooms

IRC controllers, room units and DOMAT regulators

Individual room control (IRC) ensures optimal thermal comfort in individual rooms. It offers the option to set the time schedules, to determine the presence of persons in rooms, window contact status readouts (interruption of the heating system when windows are open), the lighting system, window blind control and the control of other devices.

Individual parameter setting is easy. Setting is done either locally using a room unit or centrally from a dis- patch computer. In this way you can control all rooms centrally. Heating/cooling system control is done individually based on current conditions inside the rel- evant room (for example, only when the room is being used). When compared to other control systems, this system saves up to 40 % of energy costs. Setting may be done remotely via the Internet or through mobile devices.

Thanks to its extensive product portfolio, Domat allows the user to control and regulate various types of devices in one room, such as floor heating, ther- mic valves of heating units and radiators, fancoils, air curtains, air conditioning units, unit heaters, induction units, cooling panels, etc.

Central control of electrical or lighting systems may be done through the use of Domat I/O control system modules or through DALI interface integration (Digital Addressable Light Interface), which allows the user to connect up to 64 electrical ballasts for the lighting device control system.