Air Handling Unit Control

The most important requirement for air handling units is that they prepare and provide air based on the required parameters efficiently, and if possible, only in the required volumes. The Domat air handling unit control system is able to communicate with zone controllers which signal the need for ventilation in individual rooms; based on that, Domat uses primary units to prepare air according to the required temperature, humidity and quality.

The required parameters in the relevant environment are kept within the optimum comfort zone, which means that temperature and humidity are controlled in a certain way which provides personal comfort in the relevant rooms while eliminating unnecessary air processing. The summer compensation feature ensures that a person entering an air conditioned environment from the outside will not suffer a temperature shock.
Units with variable speed drives use room or exhaust quality sensors and CO2 sensors. These sensors indicate the level of air pollution. Based on these values, the system adds clean and fresh air from the outside to a new air mixture. Waste air is recuperated – it gives up its heat, which is used to preheat the new fresh air. Variable speed drives are controlled via a communication interface: physical system inputs and outputs are not necessary and protection against interference is improved.

Safety features include frost protection with several levels: a mechanical frost protection thermostat, active protection through limiting the minimum temperature at the return, and winter start with smooth compensation in order to make sure that the unit operates in the most economical conditions.