Operation of technological networks

Monitoring of process stations and control elements

ikona_5For larger projects, such as district heating networks or hundreds of branch stores, it is useful to continuously monitor the availability of the technology network and its active elements. Domat offers a service for monitoring process stations and other control elements, both for its own and other systems. Early detection of network problems can prevent loss of historical data or failure to report alarms or coordination functions, such as limiting demand peaks in district heating.

Operation of dispatching and servers

ikona_3The service can also include the complete operation of the operator’s workplace, eventually servers for data storage or web access. This is particularly useful where the workstation is not managed by the local IT department – either for capacity reasons or because the technology network is completely outside the customer’s IT infrastructure. In this case, Domat takes care of regular updates of the operating system and application programs and guarantees reliable operation of the operator stations and servers.

Maintenance of network resources and customer HW

ikona_4Turnkey communication – this could be called a service where Domat provides complete communication paths between technological units. The customer is guaranteed the availability of all technological units such as heat exchangers, photovoltaic power plants, store branches, etc., and does not have to deal with network management, availability and updating of servers and databases and other IT tasks. This service is suitable for customers who have their core business in the energy sector and do not want to deal with data transfer and storage.