M090 – fix of firmware bug

In the M090 firmware V16, the Modbus F16 writing multiple registers error was fixed: in the previous versions it was not possible to write more registers in one telegram. The new firmware can be uploaded over the M090 web pages. After device restart, the F16 function will work properly.

Note that the memory is divided into sections, and not the complete register area can be written using a single Write multiple registers command. However, the registers which functionally stick together, like 95 and on, 160 and on, etc. are able to be written in a single command. In other words, the F16 command can not cross borders, like writing to registers 157 to 162 in one command.

In the V17 firmware, the following bug is fixed: when using extended commands (273, 275, 277, 279), ballast adresses 32 to 63 returned values shifted by one position.

The new firmware can be downloaded here.

We are sorry for potential problems. Contact the Domat Control System technical support, support@nulldomat.cz, in case of questions.