Time Scheduler Settings Not Working Properly in Web Access to MiniPLC

When using web access to Domat MiniPLC IPLC201, IPLC301, and MXPLC process stations with the most recent releases of some web browsers, which appear approximately since September 2014, the time scheduler editors may not work properly, which results in partial or complete deleting of the events in the time scheduler table.

This problem is caused by the fact that the web browser authors have stopped supporting one of the Javascript function which creates new HTML elements. The control system supplier, Domat, has not been announced in advance, and even if it had been, it would not be possible to fix this problem without updating the web server in the process station.
Domat Control System s.r.o. responded to this problem and issued a new version of IDE which uses another technology that is compatible with currently used web browsers.

To fix the problem, the web project must be opened in the new version of SoftPLC HMI Editor, exported, and the new HTML files must be uploaded into the MiniPLC. This is not a warranty issue, because the web access works properly with the browser versions which were used at the commissioning time, and the later incompatibility was not caused nor originated by Domat Control System s.r.o., as well as by Domat distributors and system integrators. The update is thus a paid service which requires a service visit or shipping of the process station to the application engineer who will update the web pages using the new editor and project backup.

We are sorry about this kind of problems, and we aim to fix them to full satisfaction of our customers. Unfortunately, the IT technologies are so complex today that an incompatibility like this may occur occassionally.

Please contact Domat Control System technical support at support@nulldomat.cz if you need more information.