IPLC201/301/MXPLC – TCP port, name and password not defined in default settings

The PLCs with serial numbers 63000 to 71100 may show the problem that in the default state the TCP port of 12345, username and password for client connection are not set. The port is set to 0, the credentials are blank. The consequence is that it is not possible to establish connection from clients like IDE. To fix the problem, set the parameters in Platform Config manually to 12345, admin, and rw. Another issue is that after bringing the PLC to factory settings the platform (MiniPLC / MXPLC) and IP address is not defined, and the PLC can not be detected in the network correctly. This problem is to be fixed by manual platform selection in Advanced settings and following manual IP address setting (the default values are, mask, gateway We apologize for the problem, the new PLCs are equipped with the correct configuration file already.