Power Engineering

District heating

District heating network, Trenčín, Slovakia

Síť dálkového vytápění, Trenčín, Slovensko

Reconstruction of 30 boiler rooms and 20 heat exchange stations and integrating into a central management station. The nodes are connected over a dedicated network, online data from all technologies are permanently available at all management stations, trend data is stored in a SQL database, which is used also for customer data export and other calculations in the ERP software. The management system contains three RcWare Vision workplaces, two are at the main operation office, another is at the biomass burning boiler house.

Heat pumps, Česká Lípa

Heat pumps, Česká Lípa

There is now 20 heating sources installed in Česká Lípa, with heat pumps and gas boilers with output power of about 100 kW, more coming soon. The control systems are connected through a network and connected to a central management station together with remote energy metering readouts, so that the manager can benchmark the efficiency of the power sources with forecast as well as between each other. The system is extendable with no more requirements on the IT infrastructure of the central management station.

More district heating references:

Liberec – heating of blocks of flats using heat pumps
TPP Pardubice – control of heating / cooling source, the largest CEE installation of heat pumps

Photovoltaic monitoring systems

Monitoring and control PV plant Ševětín

Monitoring a řízení FVE Ševětín

The third largest PV plant in the Czech Republic, with 29.9 MWp of installed power, is located close to Ševětín, Southern Bohemia. Domat supplied monitoring for all 27 transformer stations, each of them having two central inverters, and monitoring of string groups (total installed number of DC Hall probes is about 1500) and other values, such as panel temperatures, solar irradiation, etc. The control system is connected also to the grid manager control system which issues commands for power limitation and blind power control. The grid management system reads actual plant values. Data is brought to several SCADA stations both at Power engineering

the PV plant premises and at the company HQ.

Monitoring and control PV plant Dobšice

Monitoring a řízení FVE Dobšice

The PV plant Dobšice is a set of 10 power plants belonging to ten investors. There are 8 different inverter brands at the site, some of them without possibility of power limitation. The control system had to solve “equal” power limitation and blind power control for all investors, which was accomplished thanks to rich communication features of the system and free-programmable process stations. The control algorithm is able to comply with the distributor’s demands, and share the power limitation to all ten sections of the plant. The monitoring system indicates alarms so that the service company can answer them as soon as possible and the power supplied is the largest possible.

Monitoring of PV plants in Italy and Bulgaria

Monitoring FVE Itálie a Bulharsko

Set of PV plants with total power of 56 MWp was installed in 2011 â 2012 in several stages. What is interesting at this project is the modularity of the sites: the investor did not know in advance who will buy the plants, and went for a modular solution: there is 18 clusters in Italy, and 12 in Bulgaria, 1 MWp each. It is possible to group the clusters in larger plants in case that the user buys a several MWp plant. The main web server is located in the Czech Republic, providing overview of the functionality, production statistics, and alarm information. The remaining 26 MWp is designed in a standard way as more plants, several MWp each.