Case Studies

Some of the interesting projects are described in detail in our case studies. They will provide more details about system topologies, used components, and control system magnitude.

Energy Management - Provable Results

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As part of our long-term cooperation, a standard has been created for furnishing of shops from a measuring and regulation point of view. The document describes standards in furnishing of technology (air handling units, heat sources, chillers, etc.), measuring and regulation, and these standards are part of the tender documentation. Thanks to this approach, the building control system across all facilities has been harmonised, which results in standardised control of technology, measurement of similar variables and the option of their comparison, etc.
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The CE Colo Data Center

CE Colo is one of the strongest Central European data service provider. The company owns and operates data centers in five countries accross the area – the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Rumania. CE Colo also provides Neutral Internet Exchange (NIX) points in many countries. The Czech NIX.CZ links 120 members and customers today, utilizing five data centers in Prague: the Žižkov Tower, GTS Telehouse, T-Systems Telehouse, TTC Telekomunikace, and CE Colo.
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Smarthome Prague - family house

A two bedroom family house. The investor required functionality of intelligent building with secured remote access. The system consists of about 200 physical datapoints. Controlled technologies are heating, control of outdoor and indoor illumination, security system, alarm signals from other technologies. Remote control: web access over the Internet, alarm SMS messages.
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Billa HQ Modletice

Not far from Prague down south, in Modletice, there is a headquarters of Billa, the supermarket chain. The building complex provides storage and office facilities. The building technicians use a management station which integrates data not only from the central office, but also from the branches - supermarkets which are connected with the headquarters over a corporate network. Using a virtual network, HVAC and lights control process stations are integrated as well as interfaces for reading data from commercial cooling.
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City Centrum České Budějovice

In 2008, the building of multifunctional City Center in České Budějovice was completed. In the first floor visitors find a shopping mall with a café, and in the first floor there is a service center: bowling, fitness, sauna, massage, and rehab studio together with fast food, a sportbar, and a VIP restaurant. These facilities have a pass-through to the winter stadium.
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Family Centrum

Heating and cooling control and metering data acquisition in a network of shopping pavillions, about 150 physical datapoint each.
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Varyáda Karlovy Vary

Shopping center in Karlovy Vary. Size about 200 data points. Controlled technologies: acquisition of alarm values from air conditioning in the shops, communication into the building control system.
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OBI Hobbymarket

Building control at more OBI hobbymarkets. Controlled technologies are: boiler house, heating, greenhouse, air heating of the shopping area. Remote access over GPRS routers.
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MARKS & SPENCER, Prague – Chodov

Shop in the largest shopping center in the Czech Republic. Commissioning autumn 2005. There is about 60 physical datapoints in the system. Controlled technologies: AHUs ground and first floor, AHU meeting room, AHU bakery.
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Hotel Palace ***** Prague

A five-star hotel in the center of the capital - stepwise reconstruction of the control system which started in 2006. Integrated room controls, radiators and fan-coils, 10 datapoints per room. Controlled circuits: preparation of hot water for rooms, integrated room control, integration of the booking system. Remote access over the Internet.
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Galerie Vaňkovka Brno - hypermarket

Part of a shopping center - hypermarket. Built in 2004 - 2005. System scope: about 400 physical data points, integration of commercial cooling. Controled circuits: air conditioning, heating, lights, chiller. Remote access over the Internet, service access over WiFi.
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Billa (CZ, SK)

Refurbishment of control systems of the Billa shopping malls in the Czech and Slovak Republic. The shops are equipped with new heating system, AHUs, and lighting, with control over a touch panel and integration to a central management station. The requirement of the investor was to read out the energy data on a remote basis, and monitoring and setting of environmental parameters. The technologies located at the HQ in Modletice are integrated as well. Thanks to the central management station, time schedulers and setpoints can be controlled in order to accomplish the energy savings plan.
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Shopping Centres INTERSPAR

Building control system for Interspar and Spar supermarkets in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia. Large supermarkets have local management stations for house technicians, small shops are controlled over a touch screen process station. All data is integrated in country management stations where the energy managers can monitor and control the plants. The system integrates energy meters for heating, cooling, electricity, commercial cooling, lights, etc. There is 28 shops integrated in the Czech Republic, while the total for the four countries is 170 shops. Domat is cooperating with the Spar group since 2004, providing new systems, reconstructions,and service.
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