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Interesting references

V-Tower a MPP

V-Tower a MPP

The latest landmarks of Prague’s Pankrác Plains are two buildings completed during 2019: Main Point Pankrác (MPP) and V-Tower.

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F. X. Šalda Theatre, Liberec

F. X. Šalda Theatre, Liberec

The F. X. Šalda Theater in Liberec has been standing since 1883. In 2019 it was reconstructed, and the technology of the building was also realized. The theater now has 27 air-conditioning units and 14 heating circuits. The Liberec heating plant serves as a heat source, which supplies heat to the building through the heat exchanger station thanks to the central heat supply system. It is a steam/water transfer station, the total reserved power for the whole theater building is 540 kW. The distribution of thermal energy into the theater interior can be divided into radiators and hot-air heating. The system has a total of 14 heating branches, of which 8 branches are for radiators, 5 branches are for HVAC equipment and one branch for parapet fancoil units in the entrance hall and foyer area.

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Žižkov television tower, Prague

Žižkovská televizní věž, Praha

The television tower in Prague is one of the dominating buildings of the city skyline. The tower is 216 m high. It consists of three pillars with metallic finish which together reach up to 134 m. The highest pillar then forms the upper part of the tower which hosts the antennae system. The pillars are carrying three booths: there is a restaurant at the height of 66 m, observation rooms at 93 m, and the technological booth carrying radio equipment. Above the highest booth, there is a platform with lattice towers and constructions for antennas, as the tower is also an important telecommunication hub: it hosts 11 digital TV and 8 digital radio stations broadcasts, systems of mobile providers, FM radio transmitters, and other wireless links. In 2011, the restaurant was reconstructed, together with its 10 air handling units, floor heating, and heating and cooling sources.

Cableway to Sněžka

Lanovka na Sněžku

Domat controllers and peripherals are installed also at heating and AHU controls of the three buildings of the most known Czech cableway: Pec pod Sněžkou 5x AHU kitchen, bistro, technical rooms; 2 electrical boilers 30 kW each for radiator heating, Růžová hora: 2x AHU with electrical heating in the workshop and technical rooms, Sněžka: AHU with electrical heating and variable speed drives integration. The construction took place in autumn 2013 so that the technologies are ready for the 2013 – 2014 winter season.

Integration of air conditioning units at Sacre Coeur II

Sacre Coeur II

Residence Sacre Coeur 2 is part of a polyfunctional block of houses in Holečkova and Grafická streets in Prague. The building contains apartements, garages and shops. It is controlled by a building management system which monitors and controls gas boilers, heating, and air conditioning units including split air condition units in the apartments. In the control room there is a management station equipped by a PC running SCADA software. To provide garages, boiler room, and sales areas with fresh air, and to exhaust the apartements, there is 8 AHUs in the building. The heating supplies four circuit: three for the apartments, one is a supply pump for the air handling units.

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The new showroom of Auto Průhonice a.s.


This year, we have successfully continued to supply our systems to car showrooms. One of them is the new showroom of the Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover brands of the company Auto Průhonice a.s. in Čestlice near Prague. We were able to optimize our project with regard to the new requirements of the general contractor and the investor, even though they were created only in the final phase of implementation. Thanks to intensive care, this project can also be included in our successful implementations. We are currently working to expand the supplied measurement and control system with monitoring and control of electric car chargers.

Partner customers

Interspar and Spar (CZ, HU, SI, HR)

Interspar a Spar (CZ, HU, SI, HR)

Building control system for Interspar and Spar supermarkets in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia. Large supermarkets have local management stations for house technicians, small shops are controlled over a touch screen process station. All data is integrated in country management stations where the energy managers can monitor and control the plants. The system integrates energy meters for heating, cooling, electricity, commercial cooling, lights, etc. There is 28 shops integrated in the Czech Republic, while the total for the four countries is 170 shops. Domat is cooperating with the Spar group since 2004, providing new systems, reconstructions,and service.

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Billa (CZ, SK)

Billa Česká Republika a Slovensko

Refurbishment of control systems of the Billa shopping malls in the Czech and Slovak Republic. The shops are equipped with new heating system, AHUs, and lighting, with control over a touch panel and integration to a central management station. The requirement of the investor was to read out the energy data on a remote basis, and monitoring and setting of environmental parameters. The technologies located at the HQ in Modletice are integrated as well. Thanks to the central management station, time schedulers and setpoints can be controlled in order to accomplish the energy savings plan.

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Other partner customers:

Family Centrum (CZ, SK)
Autosalony Porsche Interauto (CZ)
Baumax (CZ, SI, HR)
Linde – Carrier (CZ, SK)

Other references

Office buildings

Česká spořitelna branches

Česká spořitelna

Data acquisition of branches of the Czech Savings Bank, member of Erste. Česká spořitelna has about 400 branches in the Czech Republic, which are in successive steps equipped by communicative modules for data acquisition from heat meters and electrical meters. The installation often follows after the reconstruction of the control system. The data is transferred to the management stations of companies which provide facility management services for the Česká spořitelna. The long-term monitoring of environmental parameters and energy consumptions enables benchmarking of the branches, and identification of critical spots and circuits. It is also possible to change setpoints, schedulers and parameters on a remote basis.

City Centrum České Budějovice

City Centrum České Budějovice

In 2008, the building of multifunctional City Center in České Budějovice was completed. In the first floor visitors find a shopping mall with a café, and in the first floor there is a service center: bowling, fitness, sauna, massage, and rehab studio together with fast food, a sportbar, and a VIP restaurant. These facilities have a pass-through to the winter stadium.

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More office buildings:

Kasper Kovo, Trutnov
Kasper Kovo, Trutnov
Czech Radio Praha – Boiler house Dykova
NOELL, Jesenice u Prahy
Komerční banka Plzeň
Fintherm Praha
Česká Spořitelna Liberec
OAC Jeronýmova, České Budějovice
IBM – Technology Park Brno

Pools and Spa

Zámek Hrádek Hotel


The whole building is controlled by Domat, including swimming pool technologies, like water heating, circulation, and chemical and UV sanitation. Pool air pumps, waterspouts, wall massage, and counterflow are controlled according to time schedules, as is pool illumination. There are also digital outputs in the system to enable operation of two steam rooms, Finnish sauna, and infrared sauna. There are three air handling units in the installation: swimming pool, changing rooms, and wellness. The units are controlled also according to room humidity. Hot heating water is brought from the existing heating source into the distributor which supplies two heating circuits (central radiator heating and floor heating), heating of the pool and AHUs, and charging of the DHW tank.

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Residential buildings

Family house, Praha – Smarthome


A two bedroom family house. The investor required functionality of intelligent building with secured remote access. The system consists of about 200 physical datapoints. Controlled technologies are heating, control of outdoor and indoor illumination, security system, alarm signals from other technologies.
Remote control: web access over the Internet, alarm SMS messages.

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More residential objects:

Kováků, Praha 5
Family house Vrané nad Vltavou
Family house Hradešín
Family house Solopisky
Family house Zdiby
Residence Prokopova, Praha 3
Apartment house Soukenická Liberec


Hotel Palace ***** Praha

Hotel Palace ***** Praha

A five-star hotel in the center of the capital – stepwise reconstruction of the control system which started in 2006.
Integrated room controls, radiators and fan-coils, 10 datapoints per room. Controlled circuits: preparation of hot water for rooms, integrated room control, integration of the booking system. Remote access over the Internet.

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More hotels:

Art Hotel Embassy, Praha
Hotel Bridge, Praha
Brewery Hotel Kojetín
Senior nursing home, Praha 9
Hotel Avena, Slovakia


TechnoPark, Pardubice

TechnoPark, Pardubice

CFour buildings (three production – administrative buildings, and a customs office) are heated by 6 heat pumps with total peak power of 600 kW with possible extension up to 10 pumps with total power of 1 MW. In each object there is a local heat exchange station with local controls, and the offices are equipped with integrated room controllers, more than 70 in total. It is possible to cool the buildings by cold water from the wells in summer, the system has active dewpoint control. Sunblind control system is also integrated together with window contacts provided by the security system. The produced and consumed energy is measured by communicative meters. The process stations in the objects communicate with the management station over local Ethernet network.

More industrial buildings:

Canned food plant Hrobčice
Danone Benešov
Print shop Label Design, Chrášťany
Production facility Vinařice
Airport Mošnov
LPA Lovosice
Swell Hořice
Pavex Pardubice
Koito Žatec
Teluria Skrchov
Printshop Branaldi, Brandýs nad Labem
Ammoniac gas recuperation, BorsodChem Ostrava
Wikov Hronov


GEMO Olomouc Hněvotín
Logistic Park D8 Hall DC04, Zdiby
Kovintrade storage facility, Frýdlant n. O.
Tulipán Park Hostivice

Shopping centers

Galerie Harfa, Praha

Galerie Harfa, Praha

Galerie Harfa is with 49 000 m2 the largest shopping center in Prague. It was opened in November 2010 and offers 160 shops on 3 levels. The main attraction of the center is a terrace roof garden accessible from the food court and restaurants. It offers a large playground for children, ice skating rink, waterworks and multimedia objects. The basement parking lot can host up to 1600 cars. The building is supplied from the municipal district heating network, using its own heat exchange station. For cooling there are 2 Trane chillers to provide cold water with total power supply of 2×1 MW. The electricity supply brings up to 3 MW of power in the peak times, therefore it was necessary to use complex load shedding algorithms. There are 62 air handling units in the building, together with more than 30 smaller AHUs for air exhaust and reheating. There is more than 6300 datapoints (process variables) in the building.

Marks & Spencer OC Praha Chodov

Marks & Spencer - OC Praha Chodov

Shop in the largest shopping center in the Czech Republic. Commissioning autumn 2005. There is about 60 physical datapoints in the system. Controlled technologies: AHUs ground and first floor, AHU meeting room, AHU bakery.

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Varyáda Karlovy Vary


Shopping center in Karlovy Vary. Size about 200 data points. Controlled technologies: acquisition of alarm values from air conditioning in the shops, communication into the building control system.

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More shopping centers:

Hypernova Tábor
Autosalon TUkas Beroun
Shopping center Tábor
Galerie Vaňkovka Brno – hypermarket

Sport facilities:

AC Sparta Praha
Winter stadium Humpolec