MXPLC: Controller with Excellent Price/Performance

MXPLC is a compact PLC with 88 inputs and outputs, Ethernet, and several serial ports. Because of those extensive features, the MXPLC is the most-equipped PLC of its category. For very demanding users, additional IO extension can be realized via remote Modbus/RTU I/O modules over RS-485.
MXPLC contains a web visualization and an OPC server, both for free. The SoftPLC IDE is an Integrated Development Environment that enables the user to create PLC applications and access a PLC. SoftPLC IDE can be downloaded free-of-charge.
Thanks to its versatility, the MXPLC can be used in both home and industrial applications.



  • 32 digital inputs(24V)
  • 32 digital outputs (relay)
  • 16 analog inputs(software-selectable: voltage, current-loop, resistance)
  • 8 analog outputs (0-10V DC)
  • 2 RS-232, 2 RS-485
  • Ethernet

Extensive Functionality

  • Free web-based visualization
  • Free OPC server
  • Extendable via remote I/O modules

Free Development Tools

  • SoftPLC IDE – to develop programs and access a PLC
  • HMI Editor – to create web and touch panel visualization

Further Reading