SCADA on a dedicated workstation (g)


Management station for local SCADA 

There is a Merbon SCADA software with licence according to the number of data points used. The application consists of the server part and client workstations. Merbon SCADA server requires Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, or Windows Server 2016, and uses Microsoft IIS as a web server.

The server communicates with PLCs. It reads measured and calculated values, and writes changed setpoints, time schedulers etc. The data are provided to users as schemas with floor plans, technology schemas, tables etc., which are filled by the communicated values.  Clients use web browsers, which strongly simplifies maintenance, licensing, and user workplace management. Licences are issued in three sizes:

  • for 5 000 data points (Merbon SCADA 5 000)
  • for 50 000 data points (Merbon SCADA 50 000)
  • for unlimited number of data points (Merbon SCADA unlimited).

Note that for licensing purposes the data points are counted as software data points, which means not only hardware I/Os, but all variables that are communicated to the SCADA. The amount of software data points is usually 3 – 3.5×higher than that of the physical I/Os.  Apart from inputs and outputs, also time schedulers, setpoints, heating curve parameters etc. are brought to SCADA. An integrated room controller (UC102, UC300, FCR010, FCR013and others) takes about 20 data points..

If the total amount of data points in all projects exceeds the licensed amout of data points,  Merbon SCADA has a limited functionality. The licence can be extended for the price difference between the old and new licences. The number of web clients which access the server at a time is not limited.

This visualisation is suitable for middle-sized and large objects and where trend data and logs shall be saved permanently. For local operation, terminals (HT102, HT200) are usually installed at the cabinets.

At large projects (exceeding 15 000 software data points) it is recommended to install also an external database for trend data storage, Merbon DB. The databasespeed up the system response significantly and provides a safe way of data storage together with other functions, like access to the trend data for third-party programs over an application interface (API).

Merbon DB is licensed according to the software data points (data rows): there is 40 000 data points in the basic licence, more data points can be added in batches of 10 000 data points. The database may be installed on the same PC as the SCADA server or on a different machine – according to the required load distribution and overall network topology.


Merbon SCADA…        licence according to the number of software data points
markMX, ICIO205…      PLC as required
PC                               min. 8 GB RAM, 200 GB HDD, processor Core i3/i5 or similar
switch                          active network device to connect the PLCs and PC, Moxa.