Autonomous system, touch screen control (e)

Note that the IPCT.1 has no serial ports connected – there are no IO modules at the touch screen controller, there is no SoftPLC runtime running in the process station. It is used only as a HMI (over a free Touchscreen application).



The IPCT with touch screen (local HMI) is located at the operator’s place, e.g. at the security, while the process controllers are at the machinery room, close to the technologies controlled. Data is transferred over the Ethernet, that is why a switch must be used, e.g. DC-NHU8. There may be more IPCTs with touch screens if it is required to operate the plant from several locations.

The MiniPLC on the right has a “3rd party system” connected – e.g. a communicative network analyser or a HVAC unit with a Modbus/RS232 interface. This kind of data is integrated into the process station and processed there – see below.