Other network and communication components

This hardware connects the process stations between each other, to the management station, and to the communication interfaces (routers) to the Internet over their network interfaces.


The main element for interconnectiong of the process stations and connecting them to the management station. Any commercially available 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet switch is OK, in a more demanding environment it is recommended to use a industry-grade switch, such as MOXA, EDS range.

Remember to install a 230 V network socket to power the switch in the panel where the switch shall be located.

Wireless access point

When planning a wireless access, two main aspects must be considered:

  • signal range
  • network security.

WiFi (802.11) network elements communicate over 2.4 or 5 GHz and for a robust link, direct visibility between the receiver and the transmitter is required. It is very difficult to plan the signal propagation in buildings, expensive measurements are necessary at most of the sites. The signal is attenuated by concrete constructions with steel reinforcing, it propagates better through plaster boards.

The main security rule is to limit the signal availability to controllable places only. Use MAC filtration, and other up-to-date security technologies where available. In general, it is recommended to avoid WiFi access completely, as the link quality may degrade in time (due to electromagnetic interference, relocation of walls, furniture and machines etc.) and the arising problems may complicate both the warranty and after-warranty service.


A router links the technological network to the customer network or the Internet, if such link is required. The router is configured by a network administrator or according to the specification of the Internet provider.

We recommend to use any available type which meets all technical and security requirements. Contact your network administrator or Domat Control System technical support for details.

GSM modem

A modem connects to the RS232 port of a process station or management station, according to the topology and uptime requirements.  It is used for alarm and event messaging to mobile phones.

We recommend using GSM modems with Cinterion modules (supplied e.g. by SEA Praha), other modems will be tested on demand.