Designers’ Handbook

Prerequisites and targets


The plant technology schema is available, there is a knowledge on functions of the peripherals and their mutual bindings. The dimensions of the valves are calculated, actuators selected, and sensors and other I/O peripherals specified. The designer knows which other technologies shall be integrated into the system, if this integration follows through analogue and digital signals, or data communication buses, and what their logical functions with the HVAC control system will be. It is known where the cabinets will be located, and where the cable trays will be mounted.


The system topology will be created, in which all types and amounts of I/O modules will be specified, together with their assignment to the I/O buses and process stations. It will be specified how the process stations are connected over the technological network with each other and with the management stations.
Based on this schema, the shop drawings will be created. They describe the wiring of the electrical panels of the control system inclusive links to the power parts.