New Version of R065

The R065, a new version of the Modbus TCP to DMX converter, features two independent DMX512 buses. This menas that by writing into Modbus tables it is possible to control up to 1024 addressable lights. The converter is unique – similarly to other Domat protocol converters – by its web interface, which can be used for convenient DMX light control even if the application software in a PLC has not been engineered yet. Users can easily define RGB or RGBW lights and set them up over the converter web page. The Modbus table contents is available at the same time, so that it is easy to check what a Modbus TCP client is writing to the converter.

A very special feature is the Sniffer mode. It makes simple bus diagnostics easy, or accepts commands from a DMX master (light control panel) and brings them to PLC, which can control e.g. sport hall or theatre auditorium interior lights. This application was used at the pilot site, at the winter stadium in Pardubice.