Merbon SCADA


Large management stations as well as local web-based SCADA. Data aggregation from PLCs: online values and long-term data storage in databases. Web access for simple maintenance and licensing. State-of-the-art visualisation of floor plans, schemas, tables and charts.


Asset 5

Authorised and trained users may edit the schemas. Merbon SCADA provides comprehensive user and roles management.


Asset 3

Panels with technology schemas contain animations, static images, texts, user notes, setters, references, etc. The layout is completely customizable.


Asset 4

Trend data analysis (line, bar, modulo, difference, and carpet plots). Fast evaluation of problems and instant overview of the technologies. Data export and sharing (html links, images, tables, or text).


Asset 1

Active alarms table and alarm history, sorting and filtering. System alarms, system diagnostics. Cascade evaluation and workflow. Alarm forwarding: e-mail and SMS.


Asset 2

Technical view is provided by the datapoint table. It displays current value, last communication timestamp, quality, description, and other parameters. Fast navigation and filtering in the tree structure, tagging and sending to trend.



New Merbon Technological Schemes (download here)

Licences are issued in three sizes:

  • Merbon SCADA for 5 000 data points
  • Merbon SCADA for 50 000 data points
  • Merbon SCADA for unlimited amount of data points


All information are available to download in PDF or on the website here.