Merbon SCADA

scada_dvouradkovy_barevnyAfter several years of development, the new SCADA software is being released. Merbon SCADA is a server application which uses web browsers as clients. Even in the basic licence with minimum data points, the number of users is not limited. As an editor, the existing RcWare Vision SCADA is used, from which the projects are exported to the Merbon SCADA server. This makes also possible to use most of the RcWare Vision projects to be run in Merbon SCADAwith minimum reengineering. See details at our web pages and in the first wave of trainings which are scheduled to July and August already. Please contact the sales department for licence pricing until the new pricelist is issued.

Part of the SCADA is also a new library of graphic symbols. It was designed to be simple, easy to understand and well-arranged. The symbols also can be used for Merbon HMI design (panels for web and HT200 terminals).