Room units redesign

UI905BLDomat room units and controllers have become very popular during the 8 years of market presence. Thanks to open communication and configurable functions, they are used not only in turnkey projects, but also as control panels for air conditioning units as OEM products at major manufacturers. In 2016, the PCBs were redesigned because a new processor type was used with better availability. There are no changes in functionality, and the Modbus table is backward compatible. The new hardware, however, brings some benefits:

All room units with temperature sensor only are now equipped with a combined temperature and humidity sensor, with no impact on pricing. This means that the temperature + humidity units are named as units so far known as temperature sensors only.

Old naming: UI011 – temperature, UI041 – temperature + rel. humidity.
New naming: UI011 – temperature + rel. humidity, UI041 – phased out.

Because of a modern component base it was possible to streamline the terminal description and positions. Units at which the teminal description had changed have been renamed so that they can not be confused and damaged (especially at the CO2 sensors). Each unit holds a label with terminal description, which makes installation easier and clearer.

There is a new room unit range, which our customers have been requesting: with blue LED display and knob backlight. These units are named …BL. The backlight responds to manipulation with the knob, but it also can be controlled over Modbus registers, which means extension of application range of the units. The display and knob LEDs can be controlled independently, the backlight has two levels for active and inactive state, and the fadeout time is also configurable. The register description for advanced backlight control is in the updated Modbus table.

The control processor has a NFC chip, which brings possible future functionality extensions, such as addressing over mobile devices (with no need for a power supply), easier configuration and diagnostics etc. We believe that unification and extension of functionality with no extra costs will bring benefits to designers, installers, and users.

A comprehensive list of changes in the room units and controllers range:

The modules which do not have terminals compatible with old version are renamed. Compatible models are of the same name and Modbus ID in the ModComTool software, the units with backlight have …BL as extension and different Modbus ID.

UC010 – now with BL option
UC011 – now with BL option
UC013 – now with BL option
UC095 – now UC905, with BL option, different terminal layout

UC102 – now with BL option
UC200 – now with BL option

UI010 – now with BL option
UI011 – now with BL option
UI012 – now with BL option
UI020 – now with BL option
UI051 – now with BL option
UI052 – now with BL option
UI055 – now with BL option
UI071 – no BL option – device has no display
UI072 – no BL option – device has no display
UI075 – no BL option – device has no display
UI090 – now UI900, different terminal layout, no BL option – device has no display

UI091 – now UI901, different terminal layout
UI093 – now UI903, different terminal layout
UI095 – now UI905, different terminal layout

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