DIP200 – Communicative movement and light intensity sensor

Stelix DIP200 is a combined communicative sensor for lighting control in public spaces, but also for interlocking of zone air conditioning controllers. Unlike common infrared sensors, it contains an analogue light intensity sensor ranged 2 to 3000 lx, and a RS485 / Modbus RTU communication interface. This brings to the designers a wide range of topologies which can not be used with traditional sensors: the sensor communication bus can also host output modules to control the lights.


On the other hand, when designing communicative light control, it must be taken into account that Modbus acts as a single master bus with regular request – response sequences, the master being usually a PLC with the application control program. Modbus does not support event-based communication, e.g. telegrams sent on movement of a person in the sensor range or on change of light intensity. The more sensors (Modbus addresses) on the bus, the longer is the polling response to the PLC. In some situations the delay may be up to several seconds, which must be considered by the system designer. The Stelix sensors are thus suitable for corridors, halls, production plants, open space offices, stores and other rooms where constant light level shall be maintained and the light shall be dimmed according to occupancy.

The Stelix sensors offer wide range of installation options thanks to six lense types for various angles and installation neights, including shaped lens for storage racks. Maximum installation height is 15 m. Lens cover for protection against close light sources and variable mask which can be shaped to fit the required sensor characteristics are supplied as accessories. The sensors then can be fitted to operation at places where they could be influenced by a light source or movement from another room separated by a glass wall.