Fixing incorrect display of special characters on the PLC web and disabled BACnet server

After runtime upload, some Linux-based PLCs may show incorrect display of special characters on the web and their BACnet server is disabled. This is caused by a missing record in the configuration script which is run after the runtime update. Both problems can be fixed easily:

  • Run WinSCP, and select the SCP protocol.
  • Enter the IP address of the PLC in the Host: field, port 22, user is root, password is the “code” listed on the PLC label. See also If there is no code at the label, use the password shark + last 4 digits of the PLC serial number, e.g. shark2556.
  • Confirm by”OK” and confirm the authorisation.
  • Go to etc/nginx and replace the existing nginx.conf file with the attached one.
  • Go to etc/firewall and replace the existing eth0fw.rules file with the attached one.
  • Remember to wait until the process is completed, which is diplayed in the lower WinSCP panel.

Reboot the PLC. The web shall display all UTF-8 special characters correctly and the BACnet server shall be available now.

Download the related files: