What is the QR code on product labels and boxes?

Author: Ing. Jan Vidim

You may have noticed that the product labels contain additional information besides the brand logo and product name. One of them is the QR code, which serves not only to our logistics: it can provide installers or programmers with important data useful for commissioning or service.

The code contains an HTML link in the form of: http://domat.cz/s/[serial_product_number], eg http://domat.cz/s/090044. By scanning the code to your mobile phone, a web page is opened with the following information:


Business name: The name of the product as it can be found in catalogs, price lists and other materials. The product is commonly ordered under this name.

Serial Number: Unique identification of a specific piece of product. There are no two products with the same serial number. Serial numbers have all devices such as PLCs, I/O modules, converters, communicative room controllers and other active or communication elements. Peripherals such as sensors, thermostats or analogue room controllers do not have serial numbers. The serial number is also indicated on the delivery note.

According to the serial number we can find out to whom the product was sold or even to what project the product was ordered. Such information could be important in case the customer or FM service provider “inherits” the control system and needs to track down the company that installed and programmed the product.

Product number: This determines the technical condition of the product – a combination of hardware and firmware when the product is being shipped. One product type may be supplied with multiple product numbers if, for example, the board is redesigned, other component types are deployed (because of availability), or the firmware is modified. For the service, it is important that products with the same product numbers are interchangeable. If you order a new product instead of an old one, its product number is an important indication. The product number could be found even if only the serial number is known.

MAC address: For a device with an Ethernet interface is sometimes important to know the MAC address of the network interface. It can be used to detect devices on the network, configure smart switches or routers when determining security policies, etc. The MAC address is unique worldwide and cannot be changed for devices of this type.

Power supply: Before connecting the power supply, check that the power supply meets these requirements. Some devices have a wider power supply range, others require only AC power and the like.

Power consumption: Informative value – includes any other devices that are directly supplied from the device, e.g. M-Bus meters at converters R095, R096.

SW version: Version of the firmware, runtime, etc. recorded during its production. In fact, the device may contain a newer version if it was uploaded by a technician during commissioning or service.

PCB version: Version of the printed circuit board(s). This information can be found out from the product number, which is used here for faster orientation during service, claims, and repairs.

PDF data: Link to current datasheet – probably, the most important item. The data sheet contains the product description, terminal wiring, commissioning instructions and other important information.

The information page could be opened without scanning the QR code. Simply, enter the address domat.cz/s into your web browser and fill the form with the serial number of the product. The database will be gradually expanded to facilitate commissioning and service work.

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