New version of RcWare SoftPLC

RcWare SoftPLC is SW package for control of technological processes, typically to be used in HVAC control systems. It consists of following programs: IDE, RT, HMI, WebPanel, HMI Editor, OPC server, Modbus serves and HW info.

The new version 2020.06.08 (v contains:

  • FIX: SBus driver – Sequence ID in request frame is used according to s-bus protocol rules (incremented in every request)
  • FIX: Aurora driver – CosPhi write
  • FIX: LCD menu degree char
  • NEW: Mbus driver – Support for TCP channel added
  • NEW: Bacnet client – Improved algorithm for encoding TPG (repeating state after midnight). Minor changes in device detection
  • NEW: Mini RT – Support for SC1X5 (ARM i.MX) platform added
  • NEW: FBD Photon energy custom added to RPI build

More information and download link can be found HERE.