The new version of the external HMI editor facilitates the transition of projects to the current version of the Merbon IDE

In the transition to Merbon IDE version, we may have encountered incompatibilities with older source files for the web and Merbon Visual (.touch). Projects created in versions 2.3.0.x and older had to be redrawn. The new version of the external HMI Editor solves this problem: it allows editing of older projects and their export in the 2.4.0.x version format.

The program can be downloaded HERE.

The editor facilitates and speeds up the transition to new versions, which bring a number of other functions to the web, such as a generic alarm table, event log, support for connection to multiple PLCs, etc. Details can be found HERE.

So if you manage projects in older versions and you were hesitant to switch to the current Merbon IDE just because the web would have to be repainted, we have a solution for you: a new external HMI Editor!