…we joined forces – and we built a wall!

It is not news that we launched the new wall series automation stations in the autumn of 2019.

This was preceded by the establishment of cooperation with Wago, a leading German manufacturer of electrical components and programmable PLCs. Their PLCs are already known to our customers as controllers programmable in the CoDeSys environment. Now you can find them in the Merbon IDE runtime, which means they are compatible with our entire Merbon software family.



To simplify logistics and design, the PLCs are available in packs together with I/O card mix, with optional extensions by standard I/O cards on-site.

Budget sets with I/O packs optimized for most common HVAC applications:

Type I/O AI AO DI DO RS232/RS485
wMX mix 16  8 32 32


wCIO mix 8  8 8 8


wMXCcom mix 16  8 32 32


wCIOcom mix 8 8 8 8


Properties of hardware platforms with Merbon runtime could be found HERE.