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markMX – compact controller with 88 inputs/outputs, 4 serial ports, Ethernet and graphic web server, programming in Merbon IDE

EPC102 – radiator controller with external temperature sensor, 1×DO, 1×DI, used for evaluation Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

R060 – converter Belimo MP-Bus / Modbus RS485 or Modbus TCP with web interface, over the web the MP-Bus units can be configured, addressed and removed, etc.

R091 – converter DALI / Modbus TCP, multimaster, complete set of DALI commands (the control ballasts can also be configured over Modbus or web) and simple control of ballasts, groups and scenes by direct writing

DIP200 – combined communicative (Modbus RTU) motion and lighting sensor for light control and air conditioning in offices, workshops and public areas

FCR011 – communicative fan-coil controller, 230 V AC power supply for easier design in systems where it is difficult to install 24 V AC, 2×DI (presence, window) 5×DO, 2×RS485 (for room unit UC010, and BMS / SCADA)

HT200 – operator panel with capacitive touch screen 7“, and Merbon Visual app


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