New version of Merbon SCADA 1.5.3 software

Dear business partners,

We would like to inform you about the release of the new version of Merbon SCADA 1.5.3 software on our website. This release includes modifications to both the service itself and the Merbon SCADA installer.

As the editor for projects Merbon SCADA is still RcWare Vision, the new Hotfix 11.4.2019 is released along with this version. For proper function of all fixes in the SCADA, projects must be exported from the current version of RcWare Vision.

Furthemore, new image library for schematic creation of Merbon SCADA was published.

What’s new:

Merbon SCADA installer:

  • The prerequisite detection for service installation has been fixed and extended (the “Requirements” tab in the “Installation” panel). Multiple results are currently displayed. Its description appears after the cursor moves to the icon with the detection result.
  • Port busy detection now distinguishes whether a port is occupied by SCADA or another application.
  • The “Backup” function has been added. With this feature, you can easily back up configuration files and data for each SCADA service.

Merbon SCADA server:

  • Modifications and corrections to the implementation of time programs (TPG) to SCADA have been made. Currently, SCADA correctly recognises TPG Base and works correctly with TPG Real.
  • When causing the value editing dialog, the entire value is marked and thus its changes can be quickly performed, especially in mass implementations.
  • The ” Link” button is now displayed correctly and it can refer to the table view of the project.
  • The bug in which alarms were displayed as “Unreset at the first project start has been fixed.

 Merbon – Graphics:

  • The installer now contains both raster (.jpg) and vector (.svg) graphics.
  • An animation library has been added.
  • In the new Preview folder, examples of how to use graphics to create technology diagrams can be found.
  • New images have been added to existing libraries.

Download links:

➜ Merbon SCADA 1.5.3
Release notes

➜ RcWare Vision 11.4.2019
Release notes

➜ Merbon – graphics 4.5 

There is a demo project on Username is Domat and password is demo. This project is an example of how a real project can look and it is possible to see the look and test the behavior of Merbon SCADA.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on technical support line: +420 461 100 666 or by e-mail at

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Development and Support Department
Domat Control System