How to Save Ten Thousand Euro in Four Months

We all know the Spar supermarkets and hypermarkets. There is about 50 of them in the Czech Republic, another dozens are operated in Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, as well as in other countries. Since 2004, all new markets in the four countries named above are equipped by Domat control system and connected to central SCADA stations. The technology has been standardized since ten years, which makes benchmarking easier.

Having strived to cut operational costs, investors decided to establish closer cooperation with Domat Control System also in the field of energy management. Selected reference values, such as yerly energy consumptions per area unit, were calculated at four selected markets. These values strongly correlated to room temperatures at the sales area. The energy management was executed from June to December, 2013, at hypermarkets in Liberec and Česká Lípa.

The first person to enter the scene was an independent energy auditor. He compiled detailed energy reports for both selected buildings, of which both were classified as energy class D. In the end of the report, he proposed three variants of energy saving measures. Each of them had different requirements for investitions, and different investment recovery time. The investor chose the first variant which actually meant only proper postcommissioning of the building control system, with virtually zero investment costs. The project started with the start of the heating season in 2013, when the management of the control system was taken over by a Domat engineer. The whole project was supervised by the auditor. The Domat technician then checked the operational parameters over Internet on a daily basis and set them according to the recommendations of the auditor.

After four months, in January 2014, the project was analysed. Total savings achieved in the time span of September to December 2013 was excellent 32.5 % of the reference costs, which corresponds to the amount of CZK 281,500 (or more than € 10,000). The investment recovery time was incredible 52 days. Estimation of average saving for application at other objects only for heating is 17 to 25 %. Investor decided to use the tested method at other markets immediately, including cooling season, where the savings should be even higher.

This service may be provided also for buildings where different control system than Domat is installed. Part of the service is integration of the control system into the ContPort portal which evaluates the measured data. Ideally, the building is equipped with communicative heat meters and electrical energy meters, however, for the analysis are manual readings or even energy invoices quite sufficient. The key task for a successfull investment recovery time of the project is to minimize its costs – and therefore the expert work with an existing control system, without refurbishing of the technologies, appears to be very attractive.


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