The MXL board brings new drivers to MXPLC

The 88 I/O compact controller with 4 serial ports and Ethernet interface, MXPLC, now features a new option: MXL, an extension board, which brings the IPLC5xx controller functionality to the MXPLC.

The MXL board hosts a Linux-based system with a SoftPLC runtime license containing more than 30 drivers with protocols for various I/O modules, 3rd party control systems, and other services, such as BACnet, Modbus TCP, energy metering, solar inverters, weather forecast server, SoftPLC proxy server etc. Together with 16 AIs, 8 AOs, 32 DIs and 32 relay outputs, the MXPLC brings excellent price-per-datapoint plus lots of advanced communication features.

Find more information about MXPLC here.