Light+Building 2016, Frankfurt

Last week, the Light + Building fair took place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. This year, 2,589 exhibitors took part at the event, including 39 companies from the Czech Republic. Building control systems and components are produced by 9 of those, Domat Control System being among them. Impact was put on the new range of freely programmable controllers, mark, with the engineering environment, Merbon IDE. The visitors liked mostly the affordable component pricing and wide functionality of the programming tool. As usual, there was an interest in the individual room controllers with Modbus communication, mainly for those for CO2 control and VAV controllers. An interesting point was co-exposition of the Merbon controllers processor supplier, Beck IPC.

The Beck engineers demonstrated data communication between the PLC and a cloud, and easy programming of the PLC over a web interface.

The fair slogan was “Where modern spaces come to life: digital – individual – networked”, and the exhibited products confirmed it. Apart from the traditional control systems, many exhibitors also offered simple solutions for remote control of lights, heating, and home appliances with stress on design, easy installation and simple setup.

The fair groung gates were entered by 216,000 visitors, which makes the Light + Building the main event of the branche. Domat Control System welcomed both traditional partners, and new customers at its booth. In the course of the long fair week there was time not only to discuss business, but also for a nice chat with long-term customers. We thank all visitors for visiting our booth, and for friendly and fruitful meetings.


Grants from European Regional Development Fund, Operation Programme Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness were drown for this project.