Successful exhibition March

The first trade fair from total of three, where our company had exhibited during March, was the international trade fair ISH 2013 in Frankfurt am Main. More than 2300 companies from all over the world displayed its products there. Our booth was located in Hall 10, the buildings automation systems and energy management hall. We experienced huge interest of visitors in our ContPort application which has been introduced to market recently and which especially investors and operators of buildings found very useful according to growing demands to minimize operating costs. Our communicator M007 was also the goal of frequent questions as it is closely connected to ContPort. It is more than clear that effort to energy savings has its beginning in measuring the consumption and mapping the energy situation of a building or an industrial site.

The next trade fair Amper, which takes place in Brno, is traditionally the biggest exhibition in the branch in the Czech Republic.  We noticed again the great interest in ContPort and M007. In the spotlight there was the system for active power and power factor control for PV plants, which must be installed by 30.6.2013 on every photovoltaic power plant in the Czech Republic with output higher than 100kWp. Many visitors also came with specific projects, where we were asked to solve concrete problems. Domat’s control system for building is well known in the Czech Republic among programmers and system engineers, but Amper facilitated broader cooperation with integrators of industry control systems.

Domat Control System team supported our Polish distributor Grupa usługowa Sobolew on the trade fair Automaticon in Warsaw at the same time. This exhibition could be comprehended as our first effort to entrance the Polish market. We were surprised by investors, experts and also competitors awareness of Domat Control System. The Czech Republic was only represented by our company as direct exhibitor; other Czech products were shown e.g. by Polish distributor of Promotic (SCADA). The 40 million Polish market made an impression on us as very dynamic and we believe Poland to become powerful distributor as customers and exhibition system engineers showed their interest in room units and controllers. We saw again the importance of promoting open systems.

We would like express our thanks to all business partners, friends and interested persons from general publics for visiting our stands on all March’s fair trades.