A new experience from a common exhibition stand on EU PVSEC

Domat Control System exhibited at the EU PVSEC trade fair, which was part of the conference that took place on Sept 5 to 9, 2011, in Hamburg, Germany. The Domat booth was part of the joint exposition of twelve Czech companies, organized by CzechTrade agency.

Domat exhibited open PV plant monitoring system which raised interest of many visitors mainly because its concept is different from most of the competitors’ services: with Domat, the complete hardware and software is the sole property of the customer, and no monthly fees based on number of monitored inverters or DC strings are invoiced. The regular fees leed to nonnegligible operation costs during the whole life span of the PV plant.

The Domat system is truly open to communication with 3rd party software: to retrieve both current and trend values from the database,  a documented API is available. This brings wide possibilities of integration of the PV data into customer’s ERP systems, invoicing programs, web portals, and the like.

The main topics of the trade fair were increasing of efficiency of all the PV plant components, easy and safe installations, energy storage, and environmentally-friendly life span of the energetic systems.

There were about 900 exhibitors from 38 countries at the fair, the strongest being Germany, USA and China. It was interesting to observe the strong increase of the booth design standards at the Chinese exhibitors, many companies already established daughter companies in Europe, trying to address the customers directly. The conference participants stated that the last year’s exhibition in Valencia, Spain, was of stronger attendance, which apparently coincides with saturating of the European market and feed-in tariffs in the European countries for the years to come.