Replacement of I/O modules and converters M…

Dear customers,

In 2017, the I/O modules and converters M… will be gradually replaced by a new range R…, of course keeping full backward compatibility, but also containing some enhancements and new functions. The product range updates are inevitable not only because our permanent striving for innovations and price reduction, but also because of ongoing changes in the available component base. The most important changes will be mentioned in product news, all the data of new products will be also available in data sheets. Please follow our web pages and data sheet updates to bring the new range into your projects and orders. The SoftPLC IDE software will be updated so as to maintain a fluent transition and ease servicing of existing plants. We will keep you informed about all changes.

Our main goal was to follow your requirements, therefore we belive in nice feedback from you.

We wish you merry Christmas and happy and succesful new year!

Domat Control System team