Shopping center Fontána Teplice

In February, 2014, Domat Control System engineers finished software commissioning works at the shopping centre Fontána, Teplice. The control system of the new building of the shopping centre is designed so as to keep flexibility when changing tenants or usage of the sales areas. Easy adaptability was achieved due to deployment of eleven free programmable process stations with touch screen. These stations are supported by small process stations, IPLC301. Apart from the usual AHUs, there is 50 fan coil units with FC010 controllers in the office part. and offices facing the facade are equipped with centralized blinds control using MW240 modules.

The building utilizes district heating with maximum power of 2 000 kW, and cooling source with maximum power of 2 300 kW. In the building management system also control systems of lifts, escalators, and diesel aggregate are integrated, together with lighting and security and fire systems inclusive 161 fire damper status signals. There is 24 carbon monoxide sensors in the garage. With this all, Domat makes sure that the building is operated safely and with maximum efficiency.

The data are brought to a local management station, as well as to a central dispatch station of JTH company, which manages more similar buildings. Remote access to building control systems saves time of the engineers for error diagnosis and system optimization, as well as for energy consumption readouts and cost allocation to the tenants.