Power Limitation and Blind Power Control

dispecerske rizeniDomat Control System s.r.o. installed power limitation and blind power control, according to the Energy law 450/2000 Sb. Amendment, at 75 photovoltaic and biogas plants in the Czech Republic in the last 2 years. This law requires all plants with more than 100 kWp to be equipped with this control as of June 2013, or as of June 2012 for plants with power over 2 MWp.

In spite of this requirement, there are many PV plant owners who do not have the power limitation and blind power control installed, and thus face potential problems and sanctions imposed by the grid operators.

Our company supplies turnkey installations of systems for power limitation and blind power control, which includes system design, approval by the respective grid operator (ČEZ Distribuce, E.ON), and complete supply and commissioning at the site including final tests coordinated with the grid operator representatives. Our customers can be sure that their installation is fully compliant with the Rules for distribution systems operation (PPDS, as is the Czech abbreviation), as well as with requirements of the Energy law and of the respective grid operators.

In the course of years, the Domat logo appeared on control panels for power limitation and blind power control at power plants with more than 750 MWp all over Europe.