10 years just passed

Domat Control System celebrated its tenth birthday in October. We would like to introduce you our company in few numbers. The history of the company has been formed by:

  • 976  customers
  • 679  system contracts
  • 43  employees
  • 55  distributors in Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • 14  distributors in the world
  • 663  experts trained by us
  • 700  MWp photovoltaic power plants monitored by us worldwide
  • 388 807  supplied physical data points

Historical course of turnovers in €



Supplied physical data points



We became the nr. 5 in building control systems and nr. 1 in monitoring of renewables in Czech Republic after those 10 years. Our intention for next 10 years it to become nr. 5 worldwide by developing products and providing such services, which let our customers to profit and earn.

If you miss any number from our history here, please contact us on sales@nulldomat.cz and we will do our best to satisfy your curiosity.