PV power plants cluster installations in Italy and Bulgaria

In August 2012, Domat Control System completed the last photovoltaic power plant from a set of plants with total power of 56 MWp. The plants were installed in the  frame from May 2011 to August 2012 at 20 places in Bulgaria and Italy. Domat  supplied DC distribution boxes together with string control and PV power plant monitoring.

Every power plant is thus equipped by monitoring and control system, which  makes them able to detect operating faults and send this information to a dispatching  centre immediately, where the information is reviewed and handed over for  service intervention. The investors were German, Czech and Bulgarian companies.

The power plants were installed during fourteen months in several stages. The project is interesting because of its modularity – the investor did not know in advance  who was going to be the end-customer, therefor Domat offered a modular  solution: clusters, 1MWp each, installed in Italy (18) and in Bulgaria (12)  with optional grouping into bigger virtual units in cases when the customer  bought a solutions ranging several megawatts. The central web server for  administration is located in the Czech Republic and provides system function  overview, production statistics and fault signalization to power plants owners.

The remaining 26 MWp were designed as standard several-megawatt plants, connected to two management stations of two servicing companies.

The project proved that it is possible to build a homogeneous system due to high  standardization, even in international environment. The system was installed  and put into operation by two Domat Control System technical experts, who  simultaneously trained the technicians of local administrating company during  this process. The gradual know-how transfer and remote internet technical  support provided the self-reliance of our local partners to slightly modify the  system. “We prefer this kind of approach, because our customer’s requests are  solved within hours and with no overhead expense,” said Veselin Alexandrov,  project and installation technician of Bulgarian company Solarpro. This was also  confirmed by Markus Harsani from Advanced Energy Industries: “We are very satisfied with the (Domat) system because it contains many excellent functions at a great price.”

In June 2012, another chapter of European PV industry development by changing of feed-in tariffs in Bulgaria was concluded. Now, Domat Control System focuses on installations in other countries and on control systems of active and reactive power, which become a necessary add-on of already completed installations due to legislative changes.

Domat Control System is a Czech company producing building and industrial control  systems since 2004. The company introduced monitoring system for PV power  plants in 2008, with installations of more than 400 MWp monitored by today.  Domat Control System has 20 employees, is based in Pardubice with a training  centre in Klecany (nearby Prague) and cooperates with partners and distributors  in 12 countries.

Ing. Jan Vidim
Technical support department
Domat Control System s.r.o.