New age in our company started by supplying photovoltaic monitoring system to Belgium

Prague, July 30, 2011 – Domat Control System is finishing the monitoring system for a 1.68 MWp photovoltaic plant in Antverps together with the US company Advanced Energy. The delivery consists of 24 DC panels with string current measurement, integration of Solaron inverters, and SCADA.

“It is our first common project abroad. In the Czech Republic, we developed several projects with AE last year, where we proved that close cooperation with this bipolar inverter producer is well possible. In Belgium, it is a rooftop installation at a logistic center of a big forwarding company. The building is located not far from the sea and the panels are subject to harsh environmental conditions. Sometimes it rains salt water and sand. The boxes had to be equipped by additional protection. Our engineer finished the software installation and remote connection to the operation center in the last week of July”, says Radim Barsa, general manager of the Renewables division.

Domat Control System started a new business year in July. The planned revenue of last year, 55 million CZK, was exceeded by 39%, mainly thanks to the increased demand for monitoring of Czech PV plants.

“By the end of 2010, we thought that with the stop of new installations in the Czech Republic also the revenue in monitoring systems will drop.

But the reality was just the opposite. The investors did not have time to care about monitoring last year, and now they see that to maintain the proper operation of a PV plant and to keep the designed efficiency, it is necessary to install a system to provide continuous overview of production data and alarm messages”, says Barsa.

Similar situation there is in Italy, where Domat Control System delivers

- again in cooperation with Advanced Energy – switchboards and monitoring for a group of  PV plants with total power of 55 MWp. The project is to be finished in October.

Domat Control System is Czech supplier of components and systems for control and monitoring of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and energy production and distribution units. The company was founded in 2004, and started activities in PV plant monitoring and control in 2008. About 40 % of revenue in 2010 was brought by export. “I am happy that the export percentage is increasing steadily. Our successfull activities abroad prove that Czech technologies are competitive at international markets. This is also why we decided to be the Gold Sponsor of the Solar Energy Summit conference, which takes place in Sofia in October”, says Karel Vytrisal, general manager.