Domat Control System member of Modbus Organization

Domat Control System became member of Modbus Organization, group of independent suppliers and users of automation devices who use and support the Modbus protocol. Main activities of the organisation are participation in standards activities worldwide, further evolution of the protocol, implementation of Modbus across a broad spectrum of physical media, and providing information and support to users and customers. Part of the Domat Control System activities in this field is also the openness of communication protocol description for all the supplied components (for all Modbus-compatible products there are tables and register descriptions available) and Modbus training for customers, the next session of which is scheduled to March 2012.

Modbus was developed and introduced by Modicon in 1979. In 30 years it became a de facto standard, truly open and the most widely used protocol in the industrial manufacturing equipment. It has been implemented by hundreds of vendors and thousands of different devices to transfer discrete / analog I/O and register data between control devices. Analysts have reported over 7 million Modbus nodes in North America and Europe alone.