2010 – Record Year of Domat Control System

PARDUBICE: March 14, 2011: Domat Control System, one of leading Czech suppliers of control systems and measurement and control technology for intelligent buildings and energy industries, today announced its financial results for 2010.

“In 2010 we achieved record results with turnover of CZK 86.8 million. Compared to 2009, we increased our sales by 72%. Our Slovak branch participated in this result with nearly twenty per cent,” says Karel Vytřísal, Managing Director of Domat Control System.

“The growth in turnover last year was partly due to the boom in the construction of photovoltaic power plants, which we supply with systems measuring and managing their proper operation. We also has a successful year regarding delivery of our systems for new commercial projects, where we completed 12 large and many smaller commercial centers last year,” Karel Vytřísal said.

“Our finished projects represent more than 60 000 m2 of the total of 154,000 square meters of commercial space in shopping malls and retail parks built last year. In the competition of the world’s major manufacturers of these systems it is more than 40 % of completed projects in the Czech Republic, and Domat became leader in the installed control technology in this sector in the country.

“The biggest and most interesting contract of last year was the Harfa Gallery, where our control system  was installed as an integrated tool to manage, control, and measure all energy systems of this large and operationally diversified building. Shopping malls are the traditional customers of our company. Since 2004, we have completed about 150 such projects, mostly in the newly built centers. Among our clients are large multinational retail chains and developers,” Karel Vytřísal adds.

Domat Control System s.r.o. is one of Europe’s top suppliers of control systems and measurement and control technology for intelligent buildings, industry and energy. It focuses on developing, manufacturing, distribution and application of complex systems of measurement and control. The key area in terms of volume and experiences is building management and industrial automation, other areas being photovoltaic plant monitoring and solutions for residential buildings.

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