Merbon Family

Merbon IDE, SCADA, ContPort, Web, VISUAL, RunTime, DATABASE – a comprehensive family of tools and applications for energy management and building systems management.


Merbon ContPort is a management tool enabling the implementation and long-term management of the energy management process. It is a complex cloud application accessible via the web from any device. ContPort constantly monitors the fulfillment of set goals, monitors energy consumption and reports regularly. The tool provides extensive options for data analysis and recalculation and the creation of clear dashboards. More.



Merbon VISUAL is a free download application. It enables remote control of freely programmable SoftPLC/MiniPLC/mark pod controllers for ventilation, heating and air conditioning control. Substations must be programmed and activated and must be accessible via the Internet or a local network. The application uses an LCD menu definition file that must be uploaded to the mobile device, and offers a structured menu similar to what we see on the LCD display. More.



Mark and wall stations are programmed and configured by using the Merbon IDE development environment. It can be programmed in two ways: using function blocks (FUPLA) or structured text (ST) according to IEC 61131-3. Programming with function blocks facilitates fast application creation and increases clarity, for more complex or special functions it is more advantageous to use structured text. More.



Merbon WEB is a web server in the PLC that works with web pages created in the HMI Editor, which is integrated into the Merbon IDE. Commissioning and remote administration are now even easier than before – a web browser is all it takes to control the PLC. The new version of the web server has also added diagnostics and other functions for processing alarms and trends. More.


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The operator must always have accurate and up-to-date information on the state of technology, whether it is a boiler room, a network of heat exchanger stations, control of individual rooms in an office building or hotel, photovoltaic production, or a system of energy sources that make up a virtual power plant. This information is provided by the Merbon SCADA visualization system, ie access to data in the form of tables, diagrams with current values, graphs, alarm and event reports and other information. More.



Merbon DATABASE is a powerful database designed to store large amounts of historical data from technological processes. The database uses data compression, and provides an open interface for access from third-party programs and systems. It is file-oriented, which facilitates backups. More.




Merbon RUNTIME is a license for software that handles compiled Merbon projects. It can work under Linux or Windows, for example on a server PC or a small embedded device. The number of variables and communication channels in the runtime is limited only by the capabilities of the hardware platform. Merbon RUNTIME is a part of all PLCs of the Merbon series, for which the license is a part of the PLC price. More.


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