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    Jan Vidim

    The request URL is
    (set your PLCs IP address instead of

    and the POST request is

    - this is an example for web user “aaa” and password “bbb” from a project where the .vlist file contains three variables:


    As you can see, every variable must be called as a complete thing with the length and offset as well in square brackets (like [0,1], [0,2] above), as listed in the .vlist file.

    The PLC response from the test is:

    {"ver":1,"code":"ok","msg":"","v":[{"i": "svc://DefaultConnection/4[0,1]", "v": "15", "q": "good", "t": 636669898310000000},{"i": "svc://DefaultConnection/3[0,1]", "v": "01", "q": "good", "t": 636669898310000000},{"i": "svc://DefaultConnection/2[0,2]", "v": "0015", "q": "good", "t": 636669898310000000}]}

    Note that all values are in hex. Real values must be converted from the floating point representation. The integer values above are 21 dec, which is 15 hex, as you can see in
    "v": "15"

    The bool variable with ID of 3 is True, which is “01″.
    "svc://DefaultConnection/3[0,1]", "v": "01"

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